Abilities in MONOLISK are special skills that each Hero can equip and take into battle. These include offensive and defensive spells, special weapon attacks, summoned creatures, potions and buffs. Each ability has a Spirit cost in order to equip it. Heroes can equip up to 4 ability cards.

Abilities require a number of charges in order to use them, shown at the bottom of each card. Once enough charges have been gained, the ability remains charged until activated.

  • Ready abilities start at full charge.
  • Cast abilities will continue charging when full, allowing for multiple activations.
  • Instant abilities don't require a target upon activation.

Charges are gained by hitting enemies, destroying objects and collecting Charge Orbs. Hitting enemies and objects gains charges based on your Focus stat, with higher Focus providing more charges. Charge orbs add one charge, regardless of Focus.

Class AbilitiesEdit

Warrior AbilitiesEdit

Big SwingBlood RainHeavy BlowHoly HealHope
Light SurgeSecond WindStrong SlashWhirlwind

Hunter AbilitiesEdit

Eagle EyeHunger from BeyondLife LeechMultishot
RegenerationSeeking ArrowsSelf-sacrificeSharp Shot

Shadow AbilitiesEdit

Blinding DustDecoyFan of KnivesGrenade
Ice ShroudLandmineSmoke GrenadeWindslash

Mage AbilitiesEdit

Arcane BlastChain LightningCharge DrainFireballFlame
InfernoLightning BoltMagic MissileMagical ShieldUntouchable

Artificer AbilitiesEdit

Assemble BallistaAssemble MortarCall Lesser ReaverCall Unstable ExploderDemonstorm
DischargeExplosive ProbesFortifyTime Bomb

Universal AbilitiesEdit

Charge PotionHealing PotionPurifying PotionSpeed Potion
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