Monolisk Cardpack

In MONOLISK players get almost all their cards by opening Card Packs. Each Card Pack contains 5 cards with at least one card Rare or higher rarity. Players get packs as a reward for various types of ingame activities or through in App purchases.

Ways to obtain free Card Packs[edit | edit source]

  • By clearing Shards and collecting Orbs from chests and creatures - buying one pack costs 1000 Orbs
  • By finishing Daily Quests - they give 500-600 Orbs as a reward
  • As a reward for receiving Stars from other players - you can get more Stars and therefore more free packs faster by
    • Inviting more friends to the game and getting more followers who will see your shards in their feed and will be able to play them and give you Stars more easily
    • Sharing your Shards with other players on social media
    • Starting a YouTube or streaming channel to build your own community that will play your Shards or some members of the community can send you packs as a gift
    • It's simple the more people you entertain the more free packs you get
  • Receiving packs as a gift sent by other players
  • Increasing in Glory Rank through a Season will reward the player at the end of the season with a special chest, containing up to 5 Golden Cards
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