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[[File:Cardpack.png|thumb|Monolisk Cardpack]]In MONOLISK players get almost all their [[cards]] by opening Card Packs. Each Card Pack contains 5 cards with at least one card Rare or higher [[rarity]]. Players get packs as a reward for various types of ingame activities or through in App purchases.
[[File:Cardpack.png|thumb|Monolisk Cardpack]]Ye
==Ways to obtain free Card Packs==
*'''by clearing [[Shards]] and collecting [[Orbs]]''' from chests and creatures - buying one pack costs 1000 Orbs
*'''by finishing [[Daily Quests]]''' - they usually give 500-600 Orbs as a reward
*as a reward for '''receiving [[Stars]] from other players''' - you can get more Stars and therefore more free packs faster by
**'''Inviting more friends''' to the game and getting more [[followers]] who will see your shards in their feed and will be able to play them and give you Stars more easily
**'''Sharing your Shards''' with other players on social media
**'''Starting a youtuber or streamer channel''' to build your own community that will play your Shards or some members of the community can send you packs as a gift
**It's simple the more people you entertain the more free packs you get
*'''receiving packs as a gift''' sent by other players
*ranking a [[Glory Rank]] through a [[Season]] will reward the player at the Season's end with special chest very similar to a Card Pack with up to 5 cards

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