What is Shard?

 Shards are the minimaps/dungeons which you walk throught with your character. 

How I leveling?

When  you unpacket cards u gain some xp.

What is the coin symbol?

Thy symbol with rounded coins are called ORBS.

What is maximum orbs for shard?


How does count orbs for shard?

Nobody knows, but its based on dificulty wich means - difference of levels. (if map have level equal char lvl+5, 30 is maximum of orbs). After that it mostly depends on dificulty which is linked with number of deads in shard. - So pick higher lvl maps with icon for lot of orbs, for farming

How fast are new Quests? 1 Quest by 1 day with max 3 stacks.

Why build shards?

Bcause, everybody give you 1-3 stars for shard. For every lvl up with stars u gain 1 pack of cards. Lvls are 50,100,250,500,1000,...

What are the crowns?

Its points for top list. After end of season (new season each month) you get some reward for that.

Wat about equipments? Grey equip can carry everyone. U can equip one grey card on all characters!!! Your smmary of cardpoints cant be over 50. So u never will have full max equip.

And Editor?

An easy editor have own tutorial, but be carefoul which direction you build your shard. An Icon with compsat changing after one single click on it. Just try it few times. You will see that game direction have specific picture. Edit object can by hold finger on them, after this u can move or rotate them. The icon with rectangles show/hide th walls&pillars which are specific objects. Do not put spider eggs near start, it will not work properly. Do not any bjects 1tile nearby portal (walk throught portal ends map, so u can accidentaly end map without full loot.)

What means quest: "Collect [color] orbs"

Collect orbs in specific color. For example - red orbs are from Cemeteries, Cathedrals, Abysals (for sure check this

What means quest: "Collect charged orbs"

You need pick up the teal diamonds for activating abilities

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