Hunters are long range specialists with some dark magic skills...

Base ClassEdit

Mighty hunters that can fire powerful shots that pierce through the target and cause extra critical damage, yet nimbly dodge attacks and escape, putting distance between himself and his enemies.

Set Hunter Panther
Item Set Stats
Attack 13 (+3) Armor 17 Focus 0 Agility 1 (+3)
Speed 0 Dodge 5 (+20) Critical 5 Spirit 40
Additional Bonuses
Weapon hits have a 50% chance to penetrate a target
Weapon hits have 25% chance to create minor Health orbs
Ranged Criticals deal +100% Damage
Mighty items have +1 Attack, Swift items have +1 Agility
+20% Dodge
Dodging grants HASTE
Xepocelotl's FangPanther Mask Panther SkinPanther Shoulders
Panther ClawsPanther PawsHunter's Claw



Rangers shoot faster and further, marking his targets and dealing extra damage before they can get close.

Set Hunter Ranger
Item Set Stats
Attack 9 (+1) Armor 22 Focus 0 Agility 1 (+1)
Speed 0 Dodge 5 Critical 5 Spirit 39
Additional Bonuses
Weapon hits have a 25% chance to MARK a target
Weapons/Ranger abilities deal +25% damage to MARKED targets
Kills MARK nearby targets
Enemies have +10% chance to drop Health Orbs
MARKED enemies have an additional +20% to drop Health Orbs
Ranged Weapons have +1 Range, +1 Attack and +1 Agility
Sharpshooter's BowRaptor Sight Sharpshooter's CarapaceRaptor Trophies
Sharpshooter's ProtectorsArcher BootsSharp Eye


Shamans are spiritual practitioners of dark magics, consuming life to draw power ... and vice versa.

Set Hunter Shaman
Item Set Stats
Attack 8 Armor 21 Focus 0 Agility 2
Speed 0 Dodge 5 Critical 5 Spirit 36
Additional Bonuses
Leeches health and deals damage to nearby enemies
+50% to Life leeching effects
Enemies have +20% chance to drop a Charge orb
Kills by Shaman abilities create a Charge orb
Charge orbs heal for 15 Health and grant ALACRITY
Charge orbs release 2 spirits that deal 20% Damage each
Ritual StaffRavenous Sacrifice Obsidian MaskSacrificer's Attire
Sacrificer's CrestRitual Bracers Sacrificer's TreadsSpirits Blessing


Blessed by the gods themselves, Demigods call forth a rain of arrows during the hunt, decimating their enemies.

Set Hunter Demigod
Item Set Stats
Attack 11 Armor 20 Focus 0 Agility -1
Speed 0 Dodge 5 Critical 5 Spirit 38
Additional Bonuses
Ranged weapons have +1 Range
Ranged weapons fire +4 extra projectiles
Multishot and Sharp Shot copy your extra projectiles
Ranged hits have a +25% chance to penetrate a target
Hits have a +25% chance to charge Ranger abilities
Blood God's WrathSun God's MaskBlood God's Call
Wyvern Scaled ShouldersLucky ProtectorsArcher Boots
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