Shadow uses her high agility, speed and skills to get an advantage over enemies...

Base ClassEdit

Swift Shadows are able to run circles around their enemies with increased mobility and slow causing effects, while simultaneously dodging and countering attacks they avoid.

Set Shadow Swift
Item Set Stats
Attack 9 Armor 16 Focus 0 Agility 5 (+7)
Speed 6 Dodge 5 (+30) Critical 5 Spirit 40
Additional Bonuses
Attacks have a 30% chance to cause SLOW
SLOW effects are improved
+30% Dodge
Dodging a melee attack deals 50% Damage to the attacker
Dodging grants WINDSHIELD if you don't have it already
+1 Agility for each Swift item
Ice BladeReflection BladeWind-plaited HatWind-woven Robe
Frost MantleWind-woven BandsWind-Woven ShoesFeathers of Swiftness



Shadow Assassins excel at blinding enemies or attacking them at a distance, each kill granting a speed and damage boost in preparation for the next unsuspecting victim...

Set Shadow Assassin
Item Set Stats
Attack 10 Armor 18 Focus 0 Agility 7
Speed 0 Dodge 5 Critical 5 Spirit 37
Additional Bonuses
Kills grant HASTE
The next hit after a kill deals 150% Damage
Killing BLINDED enemies gives 2 Charges to Assassin abilities
BLINDED enemies have a +25% chance to drop a Health orb
Health orbs add SLOW to your next attack
Assassin abilities have +1 Area Range
Lifetaker's BladeBackstabberLifetaker's HatLifetaker's Mail
Lifetaker's ShouldersLifetaker's Protectors Lifetaker's SandalsMurderer's Coin


Shadow Saboteurs are skilled in placing and avoiding explosives, using powerful traps and grenade abilities to decimate their enemies, gaining buffs each time they do so.

Set Shadow Saboteur
Item Set Stats
Attack 8 Armor 25 Focus 1 Agility 1
Speed 0 Dodge 5 Critical 5 Spirit 36
Additional Bonuses
Saboteur abilities cost 1 Spirit less and deal +15% Damage
Saboteur abilities grant FURY and ALACRITY
Weapon kills give 3 Charges to Saboteur abilities
+1 Speed for each equipped Saboteur ability
Incoming Area damage reduced by 30%
Furious RevengeMidnight BlazeBlast-Maiden's HatBlast-Maiden's Half Armor
Blast-Maiden's ShouldersBlast-Maiden's GlovesBlast-Maiden's BootsAmber Dew

Ice QueenEdit

The Ice Queen uses Decoys to distract and slow her enemies as she weaves between them, picking off creatures with increased damage and charges.

Set Shadow IceQueen
Item Set Stats
Attack 12 Armor 20 Focus 0 Agility 4
Speed 0 Dodge 5 (+10) Critical 5 Spirit 35
Additional Bonuses
+10% Dodge
Weapon kills and Dodging creates a DECOY
DECOY has +2 Casts
DECOYS have +100% Health and last 2 seconds longer
DECOYS drop a Charge orb and SLOW nearby enemies if destroyed
+25% Damage to SLOWED enemies
Ice Queen's SceptreIce BreakerIce Queen's CrownIce Queen's Robe
Ice Queen's MantleIce Queen's GlovesIce Queen's Boots
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