Shards are the various levels players can create and play through, gaining Orbs and Crowns as they go.

To create a Shard, you need a Realm card and a Shardstone card of matching color.

To play a Shard, you can play Shards recommended to you, recently created and updated Shards, and Shards from people you follow. You can also play a specific Shard by going to its generated link when it is shared.

Layout Edit

All Shards are uniquely created by players and will be different from each other.

Shards contain an entrance pad and an exit portal. In order to complete the Shard, you must reach the exit portal. After completing a Shard, you can leave a comment, follow the creator, and share the Shard. You also must rate the Shard with Stars before exiting.

Throughout the Shard there can be different types of terrain, objects, and creatures that you can interact with. Some objects will reward you, like chests, and others will try to damage you, like creatures.

The Realm of the Shard determines what creatures can be used as well as the style of terrain and objects. Some Realms come with unique objects with special effects.

The Shardstone of the Shard determines the number of resources a Shard can have, including the number of tiles of terrain and objects. A Shardstone's Source amount determines the maximum spirit of creatures the Shard can hold.

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