Whenever a player finishes a Shard he/she rates it with 1, 2 or 3 Stars.

Stars that a player receives from other players unlock free Card Packs when they reach certain amounts.

Shards with higher star rating have higher chance to appear in Best for me screen in game and other players are more likely to pick and play them.

There is a special Leaderboard for players who received the most Stars during actual Season.

Ways to get more Stars Edit

The general advice would be: Make quality Shards and make friends!

Here are some tips that can help you get more Stars and therefore more free packs faster:

  1. Make quality shards, think how to make them most fun with entertaining flow
  2. Share shards with friends because they are most likely to play it because it's yours
  3. Invite more friends to the game and getting more followers who will see your shards in their feed and will be able to play them and give you Stars more easily
  4. Write interesting and valuable comments to other player's shards, some of them can get back to you and play yours
  5. Follow players you like, they may follow you back and then your shards will appear in People I follow section
  6. Climb up leaderboards it will make your account more visible, especially the three top positions that stay there for the next season!
  7. Keep your shards updated with new creatures and tweaked layout to deliver the best experience. Also updated shards get some ne extra search visibility.
  8. Share your Shards with other players on your own social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and MONOLISK official channels like Discord FB Group or Trickster Arts forums
  9. Start a youtuber or streamer channel to build your own community that will play your Shards or some members of the community can send you packs as a gift

Star requirements for card packs Edit

requirements taken from version 1.008

Pack # Stars
1 50
2 100
3 250
4 500
5 1000
6 2500
7 5000
8 10000
9 25000
10 50000
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