Warriors are masters of melee combat, capable of dealing and recieve a lot of damage...

Base ClassEdit

Set Warrior RedKnight
Item Set Stats
Attack 17 (+10) Armor 25 Focus 0 Agility -3
Speed 0 Dodge 5 Critical 5 Spirit 45
Additional Bonuses
Melee attacks have a +35% chance to STUN
Melee attacks that cause Stun also deal damage to nearby enemies
Stuns last 1 second longer
Enemies killed while Stunned have +50% chance to drop a Health orb
Health orbs add STUN to your next weapon attack
Mighty weapons have +4 Attack, Mighty items have +1 Attack
Red Knight's BaneRed Knight's GloryRed Knight's ValorRed Knight's Pride
Red Knight's FistsRed Knight's FallChain of Might

Subclasses Edit

Berserker Edit

Set Warrior Berserker
Item Set Stats
Attack 17 Armor 22 Focus 0 Agility 1
Speed 0 Dodge 5 Critical 5 Spirit 41
Additional Bonuses
Weapon kills grant RAGE and FURY
Berserker abilities grant ALACRITY and deal +25% Damage
Ability hits give 1 Charge to Berserker abilities
Heal orbs grant HASTE
FURY and ALACRITY buffs improved
MercilessBladedancer's WrathBladedancer's PlateBladedancer's Rage
Ruthless GauntletsRelentless GreavesBloodsoaked Torc

Paladin Edit

Set Warrior Paladin
Item Set Stats
Attack 9 Armor 27 Focus 0 Agility 0
Speed 0 Dodge 5 Critical 5 Spirit 38
Additional Bonuses
After 4 hits or a Paladin ability, the next weapon attack deals 75% Damage to nearby enemies
After receiving 10 hits, deal 50% damage to nearby enemies
Paladin abilities have a 20% chance to instantly recharge
Paladin abilities also heal you for 1% of your Max Health
Gains FURY when healed
Heal orbs give 1 Charge to Paladin abilities and heal for +50% more
All healing effects are 10% stronger
Final JudgementWall of AdamanceBlessed SightPlate of Justice
Pauldrons of JusticeBlessed GauntletsBlessed StepsHoly Corona

Demonslayer Edit

Set Warrior Demonslayer
Item Set Stats
Attack 15 Armor 22 Focus 0 Agility 0
Speed 0 Dodge 5 Critical 5 Spirit 43
Additional Bonuses
Whirlwind has +1 Range, lasts +2 seconds and grants HASTE while active
While in Whirlwind, kills renew the duration
Berserker ability hits have a 10% chance to create a minor Health orb and a 25% chance to give +1 Charge to all abilities
Berserker ability kills cause enemies to explode, damaging nearby enemies
DoomforgedDoom HornsDemonic PlateDemonic Shoulders
Demonic GlovesDemonic BootsTorque of Ultimate BalanceWhirlwind
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